24 hour fine payment assistance and cash advances in Europe.

Get back on the road within an hour.

24 h/365 days

+34 943 630 711

Multilingual call center

Fine payment in less then 1 hour

Throughout Europe

No intermediaries

Cash delivery whenever/wherever needed

24 hour support for your business

Our call center is supporting most of our services but is there for all situations on the road. We pay your fines in Europe within one hour and are giving you the exact information of the situation on the road. More than 9.000 assistants in whole Europe that might deliver the money to any place, where your truck is stopped.

How it works?

  • Call us or send an email to asis@guretruck.com with information:

    • Where the truck is stopped

    • License plate of the truck

    • Phone number off the police or the driver

  • Our assistant will find out what is the situation and will call you back with exact information of the amount of the fine and any further costs.

  • We sent our Assistant to pay the fine on the road

  • We take care of the driver getting the documentation back

  • Case is close after the truck is back on the road

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