DLT- Multifunction Download Terminal

Install it in any place You want to make the download of the files easier.


SIZE:25,5cm X 21,5cm X 5,5cm
POWERED BY:Mains power
DATA TRANSMISSION TO THE OUTSIDE:Wi-Fi, LAN or USB (exported to a USB key) using all protocols: UNC, FTP, E-MAIL
  • Driver cards directly

  • Tachographs, using a cable (10 m cable included)

Multitasking can make the three functions simultaneously

DLT might be installed in any place that provides access to electricity. It allows Your drivers to upload all digital files from driver card, tachograph or from USB directly to a system that is sending it to You. It might be installed on parkings, petrol stations or any other place that is on the way of Your loads. Once is installed- any driver might upload there the data in a minute!

View the below video to see how it works in practice


Multi language

Configurable by external program and transmitted by USB

Configurable by direct control

Restrictions on the export by USB with password

Software and configuration updatable via FTP or USB