Tacho Manager

Maximize the efficiency and performance of your drivers.

Many clients tell us that the efficiency of their companies lies with their drivers. If you share this view, Tacho Manager is the program for you.

What makes Tacho Manager so special ?

Big fleet transport companies::

  • Multiple user access simultaneously

  • Online technology- access to all files anywhere on any device

  • Automatic warnings and alarms sent to chosen email address for expire of cards, next calibrations and next cards downloads

  • Report of whole fleet made in 1 minute

  • Multi-lingual functionality

  • Customizable automatic salary report

Small fleet transport companies::

  • Analysis of every driver with detailed graphics

  • Attestation of activities ready to sign.

  • Reports with detail analysis of drivers and vehicles

  • Fleet calculations with simple graphics

  • Compatible with GPS App and all other services of Truckcontroller Ecosystem

  • Customizable automatic salary report

Tacho Manager is the basic and most important part of whole Truckcontroller Ecosystem. After many years of cooperation between lawyers and mathematicians we are offering product that analyzes all the digital files from the driver card and from the tachograph.

It might be used for storage but most important for analysis of driver and vehicle files.

Once the files are upload in the system You will get:

  • Whole fleet report

  • Optimization and analysis of the driver efficiency

  • Individual Driver and Vehicle Reports

  • Analysis for Police inspections

  • You may request a detailed Forensic analysis of accidents

  • Journey planner with graphics: how to drive according to EC Reg 561 and how to avoid unnecessary fines.

  • Ready to sign Attestation of Activities

  • Compatibility with GPS app is allowing You to send by chat the journey planner to any other device

  • Stored files might be use for any other services of Guretruck that are part of Truckcontroller Ecosystem, like: Legal services, Positioning, Registration for MiLog

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