Vat Self-Service

The fastest and cheapest way to refund your VAT throughout Europe.

Fast and easy way to get back Your Vat. Online platform of Truckcontroller allows You to send the requests Yourself but we are responsible for the for the correctness of the claims. System is build intuitive so it’s very simple for any user. There is no place for a mistake, You just have to follow the steps.

When submitting requests, our VAT team adheres to the guidelines provided by the individual countries. Should there nevertheless emerge any questions from the competent tax authorities, our account managers can be in direct contact with them, and respond to them quickly and efficiently.


  • Full control of our best account managers
  • Simple application process
  • No power of attorney needed
  • Simple online access to control your claims
  • Minimum fees
  • Multi lingual service

How it works?

  • Load your invoices directly to the web as you receive them
  • Prepare the list of Suppliers
  • You can claim the VAT once you receive the last invoice in a period.
  • The automatic system will prepare the claim
  • VAT-refund applications are sent directly to the tax administration.
  • Refunds returned directly to your bank account.

Download PDF Brochure